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Who we are

Since 2017, CoinRisen has built a strong foundation in California’s core financial district and is focused on becoming a leader in the cryptocurrency market. We are committed to unlocking the potential of our clients’ assets to grow through advanced trading strategies and algorithms. Our team is made up of the best in finance, technology, and data science to drive the revolution in cryptocurrency trading.

Meet Our Partners

CoinRisen’s achievements would not have been possible without our partners. We work closely with financial institutions, technology companies and educational institutions around the world to develop and implement advanced trading strategies and tools to provide our clients with an unparalleled service experience.

CoinRisen’s History


Founded and Grown

CoinRisen was founded in California in 2017 as an innovative cryptocurrency trading start-up. Our initial goal is to leverage emerging blockchain technology and advanced algorithmic strategies to transform the traditional way digital currencies are traded.

Early milestones: In the first few years, we successfully developed several key technologies, including AI-based market analysis tools and automated trading systems. These achievements have helped us quickly build a reputation in the industry and attract early venture capital and partners.


Market Leader

Today, CoinRisen is one of the market leaders in the cryptocurrency trading space. Our platform integrates the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide clients with real-time market monitoring and precise trading decision support.

Global Expansion: We are currently expanding our business globally. Partnerships with financial institutions and technology companies in various countries allow our trading strategies and services to be adapted to the needs of different markets.


Vision for Financial Inclusion

Our vision for the future is to create a seamless, transparent, and fair investment environment where everyone can leverage our expertise to succeed in the cryptocurrency market.

Technological innovation: We will continue to conduct research and development in the field of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, constantly pushing the boundaries of financial technology to maintain a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing market.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability: At the same time, we will also assume greater social responsibility, promote sustainable development, and strive to be an ethical leader in the cryptocurrency space.