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The strong alliance of industry giants

CoinRisen has carefully structured partnerships with industry leaders that allow us to provide more comprehensive services and in-depth market insights. Our partners include:

Global Investment Banking

Partner with us to provide unrivalled expertise in capital markets services.

Top Securities Dealers

Together we create an efficient and diversified trading environment for investors.

Asset management giants

We work together to manage large portfolios of assets, from pension funds to hedge funds.

Private Equity Leaders

We work with them to succeed in their investments and strategies in the private markets.

Major Financial Exchanges

To ensure that our clients are able to trade smoothly on a global scale.

Sparks of Wisdom in Academia

Our partnerships with renowned academic institutions are key to our continued innovation and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. These partnerships include:

Prestigious Business Schools

Partner with us to explore the latest developments in financial theory.

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

A steady stream of top talent in the field of technology.

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Brings us experts who are proficient in advanced mathematics and statistics.

Department of Computer Science

Ensuring that we are at the forefront of data analytics and computational science.

Financial Engineering and Quantitative Analysis

Directly develop skills closely related to cryptocurrency trading.

Frontier Exploration of Scientific Research Cooperation

Our R&D collaborations are an important part of driving fintech innovation. Our collaborations with research institutions include:

Cutting-edge technology research and development

Cooperate with scientific research institutes to explore the latest applications of financial technology and big data.

Nurturing Future Talent

Partnering with higher education institutions to nurture future leaders in finance and technology.

Innovative academic research

Conduct in-depth academic discussions in the fields of financial markets and risk management.

Practical application of scientific

Transform the latest scientific research results into practical financial products and services.

Resource sharing and cooperation

Share resources with scientific research institutions to jointly promote the development of financial technology.